The succession in the estate of Falco: who inherits the legacy of the Austrian pop star?

The succession in the assets of Falco

The succession in the estate of Falco: who inherits the legacy of the Austrian pop star?

🤔 Have you ever wondered who will inherit Falco's fortune? Below you will find all the information about it. But first, watch this video about Falco's life:

💰 Falco, also known as Johann Hölzel, was one of the most successful Austrian pop stars of the 80s. His hits like "Rock Me Amadeus" and "Der Kommissar" made him a legend. After his tragic death in 1998, a large fortune remained of him.

The wife

👰 Falco's wife Isabella Vitkovic, to whom he was married until his death, is entitled to part of his inheritance. According to Austrian inheritance law, the surviving spouse inherits at least a quarter of the assets.

The children

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Falco had a daughter named Katharina in common with his wife Isabella. Catherine is therefore also entitled to a share of the inheritance. The amount of her inheritance claim depends on various factors.

The parents

👴👵 Falco's parents are also entitled to part of the inheritance according to Austrian inheritance law. Since Falco had no siblings and his parents are still alive, they inherit part of the estate.

The siblings

👫 Since Falco had no siblings, there are no other heirs in this category.

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The will

📜 Since there is no known will of Falco, Austrian inheritance law applies. This states that the assets are divided in accordance with the statutory regulations. However, it is possible that Falco left a private will, which could affect the inheritance of the above-mentioned persons.🤐

The inheritance tax

💸 The amount of inheritance tax payable on Falco's estate depends on various factors. In Austria, there are certain allowances and tax rates that vary depending on the degree of kinship. Inheritance tax can burden a significant portion of the inheritance.

The estate settlement

📂 The distribution of Falco's estate is governed by a probate court. The court takes care of the distribution of the estate in accordance with the statutory provisions. Lengthy proceedings and disputes may arise, especially if there is no clear last will.

The effects of success

🌟 Falco's great success as a pop star has resulted in a considerable fortune. The inheritance received by his family and other beneficiaries could be substantial. It is important to note that this information is based on the status as of 2021 and may be subject to change.

Closing Thoughts

📝 The succession to Falco's estate is a complex issue. There are various people who are entitled to a share of his estate. The exact distribution depends on several factors, including the existence of a will. It remains to be seen how the probate court will handle the case and how Falco's assets will be distributed.

🔍 If you would like to learn more about Falco's assets and succession, we recommend that you conduct further research.

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